Giant Union Co., Inc. is a privately owned company founded in 1991 by Mr. Damon Chu. The Company's major business is Asian commodity food products. The Company's basic business goal is to provide high quality service and introduce new food products and supplies, not only to the Asian community but also the wide range of US markets.  Giant Union successfully provides customers with authentic and high quality products.

Giant Union now owns patents on leading brands, namely “Riceme”, “Maplewood”, “Master Chef”, “Fat Boy”, “Shin-Mai”, “Cha-Bon-Bon”, “Chu-Jian”, “Maru-Kyo”, in various products such as rice, dry goods, frozen products, ingredients, spices, cooking wine, beverages, pickles, and To-Go packages. Giant Union is currently the only Asian member of the US Rice Federation and also a board member of the Chinese Food Association. Giant Union is the exclusive distributor of “Heinz”, “Ajinomoto Food Service”, “Emperor Rice”, “Sterno”, “Cha-Bon-Bon”, “USC Salt”, “Yamasa”, “Mizkan”, “S&B”, and we are the master distributor of “Hunts”, “AA rice”, “Green Pecock”, “Imperial Sugar”, “Golden West Food Pail”, “Fold Pak Food Pail”, “Linchen Cooking Wine”, “LKK”, “Golden Stay Vinegar”.

Giant Union established its Japanese Division, “Maru-Kyo”, in June of 2007 to provide “Authentic” and “High Quality” Japanese products, such as Sushi, Tempura, Teriyaki and more to the wide of range US markets. We are also an agent of “Ajinomoto”, “Yamasa”, “Mizkan”, “S&B”, “Otafuku”, “Takaokaya” and many other quality Japanese brands. In addition, Maru-Kyo  Japanese division imports hundreds of selected favorite brands direct from Japan. Beginning in 2008, We established retail distributorship to Chinese supermarkets.

In an effort to meet more customer needs, and with a solid foundation and first hand expertise in the food industry, Giant Union is determined to extend its services by continuing to promote Asian products in American Markets, and also introducing US products to the Asian community.



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